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5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Test Scores

We all know the importance of standardized test scores in the college admissions game. This brings an overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety for many students. Unfortunately, when you are stressed, this detracts you from performing at your optimum peak. In order to score the highest you can on your upcoming SAT or ACT test this winter or spring, here are a few pieces of advice guaranteed to help bring up your score! Don’t believe me? Try it and let me know how it goes:

1. Where is your Test Center?

This is especially important if you are not taking the test at your own high school. If you can drive to the location ahead of time, find where you will park, where you will check in, etc. The less stress you have in the moments leading up to the test, the better. Give yourself extra time to get to the testing site the morning of. If Google Maps says it will take you 20 minutes, allot 40 minutes just in case.

2. Relax

The night before the test, do something fun and relaxing. It sounds counter-intuitive, but no more cramming! Try to do something that takes your mind off of the test: watch a movie, read a book, or go out with family or friends. If needs be, talk about your worries with a friend or family member or write them down in a journal to get them off your chest. Get to bed early and get your zzz's!

3. Pack Up

Pack your bag the night before with everything you will need (pencils, calculator, admission ticket, license, or ID card), a bottle of water, snacks, and anything you will need to get you through the test day. Leave your bag by the door so you can easily grab it and go on the morning of the test. SAT Checklist ACT Checklist

4. Fuel up

On the morning of the test, eat a good breakfast that will keep you energized and alert throughout the morning.  Avoid super-sugar foods like donuts or other pastries with lots of fat and high amounts of sugar. They can put a damper on your energy and concentration. What to eat before a big test

5. Only NOW matters

If you find yourself worrying in the middle of the test – STOP! As soon as you notice your mind wandering to a previous question or section, try to re-focus your energy on what you have happening at that moment. Take a few seconds to close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Then get back to the problem at hand.

You got this!!

Did you know? The higher your test scores are, the more money you may be awarded! One of our students was just awarded $29,000/year to Miami University (total cost there is $32,000/year) after he increased his ACT score past their threshold of 33. Contact our preferred provider, Arbor Bridge – email to get set up with a free consultation and diagnostic test today!




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