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Level Up Your Rugby Game with an International Experience

New Zealand Camps are Back!!

After a Covid-enforced hiatus, Inside Running Academy, based in New Zealand, are back with a range of camp options for US rugby players in 2023. ‘We are really excited to be back and be in a position to offer a full schedule of camps in 2023. It has been a long time coming and based on the level of interest we have seen already, we are sure our camps will sell out,’ says Inside Running Academy Founder Mike Rogers.

Mike Rogers, who founded Inside Running Academy in 2010, is the current Assistant Coach at the New England Free Jacks in the MLR. This has given Mike a unique insight into US rugby culture, which he sees as a real edge for his programs in New Zealand. ‘From what I have seen from my time in the US, rugby is really fractured. I am a believer that the best way for rugby players to improve is to experience playing and training for the game in a highly intensive environment. A key issue for rugby in the US is the fractured seasons, the lack of meaningful competition for a lot of Colleges, High Schools, and Clubs, and a lack of playing numbers to make for really meaningful practice’. Inside Running Academy provides players with the best of both worlds where they are in a highly intensive training environment with world-class coaches and facilities, and additionally, they join a local club or school teams where they get to train alongside and play against New Zealand rugby players.

Mike has some advice for rugby players when assessing camp options for the US summer of 2023: ‘I totally understand that Inside Running Academy is not for everyone. Making the level of commitment to come to New Zealand is a big ask for many players, and we get that. For me, the key considerations for players when looking at which camp to attend should really be:

  • Will I get meaningful game time? This is critical, in particular, for players from the US who typically play fewer games per year than their NZ or UK counterparts.

  • Will the academy trainings be tailored to the areas of the game that I need to develop?

  • Will the strength and conditioning program be tailored specifically to my needs as a rugby player?

  • Will the duration of the academy program really drive a positive change to my training routines?

Inside Running Academy is offering the following programs in 2023:

Player Development Camps - January/February and May to August seasons.

High-Performance Camp - January to May season.

Advanced Player Development Camp - 9th to 21st January.

For more information on any of Inside Running Academy’s camps, head to their website or book a video call with Mike to discuss things further:

Mike Rogers

WhatsApp +6421784839


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