Rugby Tip of the Month – The Importance of REST (Part 2)

Written by Ryan Carlyle (Olympian and National 7’s Team Member)

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The in-season period is the ideal time to develop the player, increase training reps, and focus on competition. The rest of the year is meant to focus on developing the athlete. I enjoy other sports and hobbies for leisure and I continuously revisit my values, paying attention to what is truly important to me. A mental break, much like a physical break, gives me an opportunity to press “reset” and evaluate what I am doing and why. Prior to the Olympics, I lost myself in my rugby training. We had a great performance and did our country proud, but I needed help preparing for what was next. I have worked endlessly with a sports psychologist for the past 5 years, and while mentally preparing for the Olympic Games, we also acknowledged the weeks following. I was going to have time off and no

You have to master your human nature so that when every instinct of panic tells you to stop, close your eyes, turn your face, or run away, you do what does not come naturally: stay calm and proceed. But according to the formula of a balanced athlete, you also have to have the vulnerability to ask for help, the strength to hold yourself back, and the ability to embrace the off season.

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