Rugby Tip of the Month – The Rugger’s Edge Gift Guide

Not sure what to get for the rugger in your life?

ThisIsAmericanRugby), Gavin Hickie (Dartmouth Rugby, Collegiate All Americans), Dallen Stanford (The Rugby Corner, Rugby Commentator extraordinaire), and our very own Kitt Ruiz.

American Tradition by Grubber

The U.S. are the defending two-time Olympic champions and will be back at the Olympics in 2016 looking to keep their title. The American Tradition shirt by Grubber honors the 1920 and 1924 Olympic Rugby Teams while looking forward to 2016. Comfortable and stylish it is a must have gift for any fan.

“Rugby Stories..and other misadventures” by David Stephenson

Want the inside scoop on the early history of the Eagles? There is no better place to find that information that in “Rugby Stories..and other misadventures” by early Eagle Dave Stephenson. It’s an essential book for anyone wanting to gain a greater grasp of American rugby history.

Rugger Series by Royal Rugby Boots

Every rugby player wants a comfortable boot. After experiencing boots he wasn’t comfortable with player Derek Kemper decided enough was enough and came up with his own boot: the Rugger Series. It’s the rugby boot by a rugby player.

Rugby Revealed

Rugby Revealed is the definitive guide to rugby in terms of the roles and responsibilities of each individual position and how they combine to create a tactically astute rugby team. This engaging guide to rugby union will help coaches and players understand the modern game, giving practical advice to achieve maximum results with optimum technique.

“Loose Head: A Dex Reed Rugby Thriller”

Murder and rugby. It’s a combination that most people don’t want to hear together but Jeff Keithly makes it work in his thriller “Loose Head: A Dex Reed Rugby Thriller.” For young and old fans alike this is an enthralling book that keeps your attention.

Shadowball Solo Training Ball

Impact Mouthguards

Canterbury of North America Quilted Hoody (Must have for the Winter!) $87.99

American Sin Bin T-Rex Hates Scrum-half T-shirt $25

Rugby Athletic RWC 2015 USA Eagles Jersey $69.99

R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book $14.95