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The Rugger's Edge College Playbook

The Rugger’s Edge College Playbook is a proven effective resource to get you noticed, recruited, and accepted to your dream college! This workbook is written for parents, student-athletes, coaches, and education administrators interested in college rugby, recruiting, scholarships, and overall college planning.

Our 10th Edition guidebook is bigger and better than before. This is a comprehensive workbook that walks families through every step of the college planning process, including how to navigate the collegiate rugby world best. As a special bonus, The Rugger’s Edge College Playbook also features the most current list of all the U.S. colleges that offer both direct and indirect scholarships for rugby players PLUS Karen’s personal “Favorite Colleges” designed to help students quickly create an appropriate college list based on factors such as major (e.g., Top Rugby Colleges for Engineering), location, cost of attendance, and competition level.

Product Details
Published: January 2024
Pages: 105 / Language: English
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11
Download Size: 24 MB

Get a set for your whole team! Group discount rates are available on orders of 10 or more shipped to one address. Please email to discuss pricing.

NEW INFO FOR BOOK (Made after the book was printed/updated). CLICK HERE
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