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Holiday Break To-Do List

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Holiday breaks are fabulous! You get to sleep in, catch up on school work, and spend more time with family and friends. But once you've done that, what else can you do? This is an excellent list of extra things I always recommend students to do, especially when they are short on time. Here are some suggested activities for students to engage in to not only keep their brains going but also continue to build their academic profile, looking forward to college recruiting.

Be Smart:

  1. Add some extra standardized test prep.

  2. Read a book (a fun one!) Use your local library, which has free apps like Libby or Axis360 

  3. Practice a 2nd (or 3rd!) language on Duolingo app (it’s free!).

  4. Research Colleges – This article has a lot of great resources on how to do Virtual Tours.  ***For extra credit – use page #42 in the Rugger’s Edge Playbook to take notes on colleges you virtually visit. 

  5. Research Careers/College Majors – look at your high school’s Naviance or Maia Learning account for multiple assessments, or use ONet’s career assessment tool

  6. Browse Careers with CareerOneStop’s Video Library.

  7. Check out Ted-Ed Video Playlist

Be Active:

  1. If you play an instrument–play!

  2. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air

  3. Get a rugby ball in your hand, and practice kicking!

  4. Practice passing with your weak hand

  5. Practice your lineout throws

  6. Work on your fitness (long conditioning runs as well as sprint workouts)

  7. Enjoy time with your family & friends

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