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College Financial Aid

Senior families: you should attempt to apply for financial aid (FAFSA) as early as possible in the calendar year (I recommend completing these applications by the end of the calendar year, if possible). This requires some planning and getting at least the majority of your taxes completed or at least a solid estimate completed in time to finish the application.

*Don't forget! If you're applying to private colleges, they may also require an additional application called a CSS PROFILE.

Junior families: this is a good reminder that it is helpful to think ahead and see how your 2022 returns will look when you apply for financial aid in 2023.

Helpful Tutorials:

Did you know? The higher your test scores are, the more money you may be awarded! One of our students was just awarded $29,000/year to Miami University (total cost there is $32,000/year) after he increased his ACT score past their threshold of 33.

Contact our preferred provider, Arbor Bridge. Email to get set up with a free consultation and diagnostic test today!


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