Academic Tip of the Month – Email Control

Increase your chance of admission & recruitment with this ONE tip!

This is the time of year where I do routine check-in meetings with all of my students. One of the things we work on is building student independence and good habits that will help them be successful student-athletes in college. It should come as no surprise to most parents and coaches that one of the things my students struggle with the most is responding to emails. Often, the only way I can get a hold of someone is by texting them to remind them to check their emails. However, this is only a band-aid – we need a solution. College admissions and recruitment doesn’t operate over text or private messages on social media. It is wholly completed on email. If students don’t get in the habit of checking emails, crucial messages can go unread and quite possibly, an acceptance or recruitment slot. Here are a couple quick tips to help students gain control over a flooded inbox:

  • Start checking emails! (And delete and unsubscribe!)This may seem simple, but you gotta start somewhere. Many students have had their emails added to mailing lists from their PSAT/SAT or ACT tests. If you see those emails, scroll down and click the UNSUBSCRIBE button. If you can, set a goal of 25-50 emails a day to go through, delete, and unsubscribe. 

  • Organize your email into folders/labels (college, rugby, personal, school) to help keep your inbox sane. I use gmail and it is much easier to find emails/sort and stay on top of things when things are in the correct folder. Here is a great tutorial on how to do this.

  • Now that you are checking your emails, make sure you click and open ones from colleges that you care about and are interested in. Did you know some colleges track your history and see if you open the mail they send you? It makes sense – they want to know if you are truly interested in them by the time you apply or not. Therefore, if you see an email from a college you want to show the love to – click on it and read through it!

  • Last but not least, make it a habit to check your email EVERY DAY. Not once a month!

Good luck and happy inbox cleaning!

“Sam has the knack of making potentially bland content both interesting and relevant. A lot of the skills he taught me for the Literature test I continue to use, even though I have long completed all my SATs. He is a kind, patient, empathetic and interesting tutor and had it not been for him I surely would not have achieved the results I did in my exams. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Sam is very lucky!”

– Carola D., USA, SAT Subject Tests (+140 pts, Literature +220 pts, Math Level 1)

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