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How to Pay for College

Most families find it very easy to discuss the “fun” aspects of college planning – the beautiful campuses, the unique academic areas of study, and, of course, competitive rugby programs.  However, an area into which many families tend to avoid diving is the financial aid process. Considering that almost 50% of all undergraduate students aren’t able to complete their degree (many times due to lack of funding), it is especially important for the student and family to sit down and have an honest talk about how the college fees will be paid.

This is one of the most crucial areas of the “College Fit” that, if not considered early on, can torpedo all of your hard work.

Senior families, The FAFSA opens October 1. Make sure you are getting all of your financial paperwork in order now.

  1. FAFSA Application (Never pay to fill out your FAFSA!)

  2. CSS Profile (for many private colleges & universities, check to see if your schools are on this list and require this added application)

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Junior families, this is a good reminder that with the earlier application window available now, it is helpful to think ahead and finish all of your tax paperwork in order to apply in October of 2023. Here are some of my favorite financial aid resources:

  1. How to Fill out the FAFSA

  2. FinAid

  3. Forbes Guide to FAFSA & CSS Profile

  4. Top 10 Tips

  5. NY Times – How to Pay for It *Numerous great articles on NY Times – just search “NYTimes Financial Aid” Here are also some helpful tutorials:

Did you know? The higher your test scores are, the more money you may be awarded! Contact our preferred provider, Arbor Bridge – email for a FREE consultation and diagnostic test today!



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