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Winter/Spring Counselor Checklist


Here are critical items students in each grade level should follow through on:

Grade 9 & 10 – Now is the perfect time to think about improving your grades, adding more challenging courses next year, and ensuring active participation on your high school campus. Check out all of the clubs available at your school and sign up now. The earlier you start getting involved, the better your chances will have by senior year to hold a leadership role (which colleges heavily value!) -Start thinking about your summer activities. Can you increase your involvement with your local community service? Can you take on a part-time job? Think about increasing your leadership or responsibility in little ways as you build towards your upperclassmen years.

Grade 11 – Taking or re-taking your standardized tests should be a priority at this time. -As you target which colleges you will be applying to this fall, you should double check you are meeting all of their requirements (e.g., are your colleges test-optional or test-blind? Do they require letters of recommendation?) -Last but not least, step on the gas when it comes to your grades. For many of you, this is the last semester where your grades will count for college admission, so do your best! You can do it! Make sure to also think about what your plans are this upcoming summer: now is the time to apply for that specific internship, summer program, camp, or job.

Grade 12 – Congratulations!! You're almost at the finish line! For many of you, the waiting game is over or nearly over! By now, you should have received all your notices from any of your Early Decision or Early Action schools and may have a few Regular Decision schools' decisions pending. You now have a couple of months (Statement of Intent to Register is due by May 1) to decide where you want to spend the next fabulous four years of your life! This is a good time to check out if your schools may be offering Admitted Students programs this spring to do a final college visit and make your decision. *Note: some colleges may be offering Virtual Admitted Student Days depending on their pandemic response - check with your campuses ahead of time.

Once you have made your decision, make sure you put down your deposit, apply for housing, and register for summer orientation. Also, notify all of your other colleges you are withdrawing your application so they can offer your spot to other deserving students. This is also a great time to write thank you notes to any adults who have helped you through the process (counselors, teachers, coaches, etc).

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