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Use Technology to Your Advantage

After the pandemic, I am sure everyone is sick of hearing the word "webinar" or "Zoom." I get it. I, too, can feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of available online content. However, don't discount how much amazing information can be found now that used not to be accessible. Use these technological advancements to your advantage as a student.

Here are some webinars that we feel are very helpful for all families to watch to get clarity on the admissions process.

Jeff Selingo: Who Gets In and Why?

Athletic Recruiting (presented by Ariana Ramsay, Dartmouth College Rugby & USA Olympian)

And, just for fun...

“Sam has the knack of making potentially bland content both interesting and relevant. I continue to use a lot of the skills he taught me for the Literature test, even though I have long completed all my SATs. He is a kind, patient, empathetic and interesting tutor; had it not been for him, I surely would not have achieved the results I did in my exams. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Sam is very lucky!”

– Carola D., USA, SAT Subject Tests (+140 pts, Literature +220 pts, Math Level 1)

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