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College Program Highlight – The University of Tennessee


The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is the flagship campus of the UT system and the state’s top public research university. UT offers more than 110 degree and interdisciplinary programs from eleven colleges, including veterinary medicine and law. UT has set its sights on becoming a top public research university, which has brought about comprehensive improvements in undergraduate education, research, and campus infrastructure and facilities. Undergraduates have many opportunities to conduct research and engage in hands-on experiential learning.

The university’s partnership with Battelle Corp. to manage nearby Oak Ridge National Laboratory fuels the science and technology economy and provides undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities to work near some of the world’s most renowned scientists. The university gets its Volunteer nickname honestly. Students are well known for their volunteer spirit, both on game day and in the community.

Rugby was introduced on the campus of the University of Tennessee in 1970.  An undergraduate student and two graduate students enlisted a chemistry professor and a graduate assistant as coaches, formed a team, enlisted others, and in less than six weeks, played the first official rugby match at Tennessee. Rugby at Tennessee has a long history of success on the rugby field and in the classroom.

A Tennessee rugby student athlete must always keep their priorities in the proper order and lead a disciplined lifestyle that assures compliance to the Volunteer Rugby Maxim: Family, School, Rugby. The stability in the coaching staff is unmatched in college rugby.  Tennessee Rugby also offers an extensive support network for the student athlete that equals or surpasses any program in the country. Some of the services and benefits available to our players include:

  1. Academic support

  2. Medical Support

  3. Spiritual Support

  4. Strength and Conditioning

  5. Health and Nutrition

Most importantly, Tennessee Rugby is a family. Student athletes will gain a trusted friendship with one another and support one another throughout their college years and beyond.

Website: Undergraduate Enrollment: 21,863 Average Class Size: 56% of classes have 30 students or less. Average GPA: 3.89 Middle 50% SAT (Old SAT): Critical Reading: 520-630; Math: 530-630; Writing: NR Middle 50% ACT: 24-30 Acceptance Rate: 76% Apply Now: University of Tennessee Apply or Common App


Men’s Rugby Team Men’s Head Coach: Marty Bradley or 865.805.5029 Women’s Rugby Team women’s website

Information edited from the University of Tennessee website, University of Tennessee’s rugby websites, and US News World Report.



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