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College Program Highlight – University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

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With In-State Tuition and fees: $15,558 and Out of State Tuition and fees: $51,200, Michigan is a great option for those looking for a great traditional college experience at a top notch academic institution.

Website: Undergraduate Enrollment: 30,318 Average Class Size: 47% of classes have less than 20 students Average GPA: 3.86 Middle 50% SAT (All Sections): Math: 670-780; Reading and Writing: 660-730 Middle 50% ACT: 30-34 Admission Deadline: Early Application Nov 1, Regular Application Feb 1 Acceptance Rate: 23% Men’s Rugby Team Website: Men’s Rugby Recruiting Link: Men’s Head Coach: Brandon Sparks Women’s Rugby Team Website: Extra: Michigan Men’s Rugby competes in the Collegiate Rugby Championship

Information edited from University of Michigan’s website, University of Michigan men’s & women’s rugby website, and US News World Report.

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