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College Program Highlight: University of Notre Dame

“The Holy Grail of higher education for many Roman Catholics. Although temperatures here can drop below freezing, few dispute that Notre Dame is red hot.” – Fiske Guide to Colleges 2015


ND offers undergraduate students an educational experience that is second to none in quality and, at the same time, distinctly Catholic. Faith informs learning here, and the University’s students are urged to turn their learning to the service of others. The community life of the highly residential campus is distinctive, but ND also ranks in the top

The University of Notre Dame Men’s Rugby Program strives to play at the highest level of collegiate rugby in the United States. The Fighting Irish are a founding member of the Varsity Cup in 15s and have competed in the Collegiate Rugby Championship 7s Tournament broadcasted by NBC during each of the past 5 summers. Games are played in fall and spring on their new artificial turf pitch, Stinson Rugby Field, and all students at ND,Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross College are eligible to join the club.

The University of Notre Dame Women’s Rugby Program is a competitiv

Stinson Field (University of Notre Dame,

Stinson Rugby Field (University of Notre Dame,

“If you’re looking for high quality academics, a friendly, caring environment with a Catholic bent and an excellent athletic scene, University of Notre Dame could be the answer to your prayers!”



Women’s Head Coach: Ricardo “Chago” Ramirez – Women’s President: Sarah Cokingtin Extras: 82% Catholic enrollment, 95% of freshmen graduate in 6 years.

Information edited from Notre Dame University’s website, Notre Dame’s men’s and women’s rugby website, US News World Report, and the Fiske Guide to Colleges 2015.

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