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Counselor Corner – Spring Checklist By Grade


Juniors: It’s crunch time! Junior year grades are the last set of grades you will submit to colleges when you enroll this fall, so the finals and AP tests you’ll take in the next few weeks are that much more important. By now, your summer plans should be firmed up – both academically (Are you getting a job, internship or enrolling in a course?) and athletically (Are you attending a camp or maybe planning a workout regimen to do on your own?). Finally, before you take off for the summer, make sure that you connect with teachers and counselors about any recommendation letters required by the colleges on your target list. It’s the best way to be respectful of their time and make sure that, when you officially request a letter from them in the fall, they already have it knocked out or have at least set aside time to do this for you.

Sophomores & Freshman: Summer is a great time for you to take your first of many official college tours. Seeing a school in person can help you figure out what you like or don’t like about it and will ultimately save you tons of time when you begin to reach out to coaches further down the road. Try starting off with both a small and a large college in your local area. Register online and attend the official walking tour and admissions session. By now, your day-day-day summer plans should also be solidified, whether that means taking a class, volunteering or, for sophomores, starting test prep. It’s important not to let summer pass you by without doing any sort of enrichment.

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