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Day in the Life: Athlete at Brown University

Name: Kate Muldoon Year in School: Sophomore Major: International and Public Affairs (Policy and Governance Track); Minor in Entrepreneurship Years Playing Rugby: 9 Rugby Position: Scrumhalf

Why did you choose your school?

I chose Brown because of its amazing academics and strong rugby program. I was also drawn to the Open Curriculum, which allows students to study in a wide range of departments while focusing on their major. When I visited, I loved the team atmosphere and the location.

What was your process of being recruited?

I reached out to the coaches at the time in an email to express my interest in rugby at Brown. I attached information about my rugby experience, grades, test scores, academic achievements, and extracurriculars. Although I didn’t get recruited initially, the coaches advised me to add certain extra classes to my schedule during my senior year of high school. They said they could write me a letter of support with my application. I submitted my application for early decision anyway, and the week before the results came out, I got a call letting me know that I was being given a recruiting spot. My application was deferred, and I got a "Likely letter" about a month before I was officially accepted into the regular decision pool. The whole time, I consistently updated the coaches on my rugby and academic progress, keeping them in the loop and assuring them of my commitment to Brown.

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What are your favorite parts about being a member of the rugby program?

There are countless positives, but overwhelmingly, the aspect I love most is the people. I have met some of my best friends through playing at Brown. I have also learned so much about life and myself through the team environment. The memories I’ve made with my teammates are ones I will cherish for the rest of my life. Playing rugby here also gives me a purpose and serves as constant motivation to be successful on the field and in school, which I am grateful for.

What are your favorite parts about being a student at your school?

I enjoy the variety of classes I can take since there are no general required classes outside of my major. Because of the Open Curriculum, I’ve been able to explore more than just my major. I’ve taken classes in the sociology, biology, business, religion, and anthropology departments, as well as many more, simply because I was interested in the topics.

How do you balance schoolwork and rugby?

The freedom that college brings is definitely a plus for me! However, that means I have to hold myself accountable to make sure I am able to get all of my school work done and allow time to focus on more fun things like rugby. I appreciate that rugby gives me a schedule that I have to stick to. Brown has many resources, especially for student-athletes, like tutoring, a sports psychologist, and student affinity groups!

What does a typical day and/or week look like for you?

We have four two-hour practices weekly and three one-hour lift sessions (Thursdays are off days!), and games are typically on Saturdays. I also usually have two classes daily, ranging from 50 minutes to two and a half hours. In between class and practice, I make time for meals, schoolwork, friends, and other random activities.

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What’s the biggest challenge about playing rugby at your school?

Balancing academics, a social life, and a D1 sport is the hardest part of rugby at Brown. The bright side is that I am always busy, which improves my motivation and productivity. However, it can definitely be overwhelming at times, and learning to manage my time has been an important skill to develop so that I am being intentional and getting the most out of everything I do.

Besides rugby, what else are you involved in on campus?

I have enjoyed seeing the wide variety of extracurriculars Brown has to offer, as there is definitely an abundance of clubs, events, and groups to get involved with. I am a part of Women in Business, which has helped prepare me for the world of

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internships and life after college. This semester, I hope to join the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. I also love attending sports games, exploring restaurants in Providence, and attending special school events, such as guest speakers and dance shows.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with a high school player interested in your school?

Playing rugby in college is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would recommend Brown to anyone looking for the ideal combination of team culture, quality academics, and high-performance rugby!

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