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Day in the Life: Athlete at Clemson University

Brayden Wronoski Year in School: Junior (Class of 2025)

Major: Sport Marketing

Years Playing Rugby:

Position in Rugby: Prop

Why did you choose your school?

I grew up locally in Simpsonville, SC. Clemson has always been my dream school to attend due to their well-known academics, variety of successful sports, and the bond that each alumni walks away with. With aspirations of a career in sports marketing, there's no more fitting destination than Clemson to gain knowledge and establish invaluable connections within this field of study.

Photo Credit - Clemson University Men's Rugby

What was your process of being recruited?

You might assume that recruitment processes are always formal and structured, but in my case, my roommate and teammate encouraged me to try rugby. I joined Clemson Rugby without prior experience or understanding of the sport. The team, however, simplified the learning process for newcomers like me. I immediately felt welcomed by players and coaches, igniting a competitive drive that kept me returning to every practice. Over time, I've witnessed significant growth in Clemson Rugby's recruitment efforts.

We now have multiple experienced coaches, and I've observed many new players, whether experienced or not, eagerly joining our team's roster. What are your favorite parts about being a member of the rugby program?

Playing rugby at Clemson is an exhilarating experience I cherish for many reasons. However, what truly stands out is the shared passion for success and a proactive spirit that resonates among my teammates. The dedication and drive of everyone on the team create a dynamic and motivating atmosphere. Whether we're on the field, pushing our limits or off it, helping each other excel academically, a powerful sense of unity fuels our collective goals.

At the same time, as simple as I can say, we all are just a group of lads having fun. The sense of brotherhood among my teammates creates an environment where every practice and game feels like a healthy addiction and where we all look forward to returning the next day. We share laughter and unforgettable moments both on and off the field. Whether it is joking with each other on away trips or having team dinners at CORE, we love to build the chemistry within our team. It's not just a sport; it's a true bond of friendship you will cherish for years after you hang your boots up.

Photo Credit: Clemson University Men's Rugby

What are your favorite parts about being a student at your school?

Clemson's dedication to preparing students for success in their future endeavors is evident in every facet of academic and extracurricular life. The blend of a smaller community and a relentless pursuit of excellence makes my college experience here rewarding. As I mentioned earlier, one of Clemsons’s niches is the sports environment that the school provides. With many business students like myself trying to make an impact in the sports world, Clemson’s career fairs, clubs, and connections make that aspiration feasible.

Despite Clemson’s small-town setting, it defies the expectation that it may lack the energy associated with larger schools. Here at Clemson, we match and exceed the spirited atmosphere in big-town institutions. Our passionate community, spirited events, and dynamic student body create a lively and engaging environment, making Clemson a unique town to pursue higher education.

Photo Credit: Clemson University

How do you balance schoolwork and rugby?

Clemson makes any extracurricular activity a student pursues feasible due to their class schedule. Numerous class times are provided throughout the day, most ending before 5 p.m. Coach Troy’s understanding of nailing your schoolwork before rugby relieves and supports the balance that all players attempt to achieve. It is crucial to use all the resources at Clemson. This may be through the school academically or through your teammates and friends. The utilization of all resources at your fingertips makes the balance attainable.

What does a typical day and/or week look like?

Most days, I get my day started around 6 a.m.-7 a.m. I power through four classes on Monday and Wednesday that usually end around 5 p.m. On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, I will usually fit a lift in at the gym in the morning before I finish my day with rugby practice at our dedicated rugby pitch, Jori Field. From 7:30 p.m. onward, I like to ease down by finishing homework, hanging out with friends, or playing video games.

What's the biggest challenge about playing rugby at your school?

When you play rugby at Clemson, prepare for intense competition. As mentioned earlier, I've never been around a group of individuals as fiercely competitive as our team. However, don't let this competitive spirit discourage you; instead, use it as a source of motivation. Anyone who joins our team will naturally adopt this competitive drive, leading to a positive transformation in your approach to academics and personal life. Like any university, balancing sports and

academics can be challenging, but the strong connection among our teammates makes this more manageable. Many of my teammates go the extra mile to provide support after practice and assist with academic tasks, which results in achieving this balance.

Besides rugby, what else are you involved in on campus?

Clemson is well-versed in their extracurricular activities around campus. Besides rugby, I recently have been involved in Campus Outreach, one of the Christian-based clubs on campus. I am also a Clemson Rugby Executive Council member, serving as the Social Media Chair. This role takes up much of my time outside rugby and academics. I am responsible for designing graphics and maintaining all the social platforms.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with a high school player who is interested in your school?

If a future student is interested in pursuing a business career, there is no better place to obtain

an excellent education and suitable connections than Clemson. The memories you will make on and

off the field with the team will be cherished for years to come. With the help of Coach Troy, our

coaching staff, and all the players, you can take your rugby skills to a new level. I am excited to

meet you at the beginning of our next season. Go Tigers!

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