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Rugby Tip of the Month – 15 Questions you need to ask a College Coach

  1. What are the admission requirements for an athlete?

  2. Are there certain majors that are more difficult for a student athlete at your campus?

  3. Does your team have a full-time academic advisor?

  4. Do your players typically graduate in four years?

  5. What is a typical “day in the life” like for a member of your team during the season? What about during the off-season?

  6. What types of academic scholarships are available? What about other sorts of grants and aid?

  7. Are you USA Rugby certified?/Do you continue with coaching education on a regular basis?

  8. Is there a Code of Ethics/Honor Code that players & coaches agree to?

  9. What is your coaching philosophy?

  10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?*

  11. What is your recruiting timeline?

  12. Are you able to support my application and help me with admission?

  13. How many athletic scholarships do you have available for my class? (Do not start with this question!) / Am I under consideration for an athletic scholarship?

  14. What happens if I get injured? (Do I lose my athletic scholarship?)

  15. Is there anything I can provide you with that will help you further evaluate me?

* I think this is an especially important question to ask seeing that so many coaches switch jobs year to year. You can get a sense if the coach plans to stay in the area, or has been in the area for a long time to see if this coach is in it for the long term.

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