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Increase your passing skills

Photo Credit: BYU Rugby

Coaches often tell me that passing is one of the skills where most high school players tend to come up short.

Whether it’s a matter of accuracy, being able to pass off both hands, or passing the ball with enough distance (especially in 7s), passing is one of the basic skills players need to solidify before moving on to the higher levels.

Getting extra repetitions during team practice sessions is sure to help, but if you’re eager to take your training a step further, check out the drill in this video:

See if you can set up something similar in your own backyard. If you don’t have rakes and shovels, maybe you can use a tire swing or aim to hit the same fence post every time.

For an extra challenge, start to increase the distance between you and the target each day.

Here are some more passing drills you can do on your own - get to work!


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