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Rugby Tip of the Month – Off-Season Strategy: Setting the right (and realistic) goals

Off-season goals should be strategic, specific, and realistic with the amount of time available for you, individually, or your athletes. Aiming to reduce your fitness test (1-mile run, 1K shuttle, etc) by 30-seconds is a great target, but not if you have only 3 weeks to do it. Gaining (or losing) 15 pounds might be encouraged to compete at a certain level, but doing it in 4 weeks may cause a setback in another area of your performance. Can it be done? Of course. But the process may take a bigger toll on your body and have a negative effect as the season progresses.

I always encourage athletes, and coaches, to view rugby season as more of a marathon than a sprint. Each week/game is another step along the journey, so your goal(s) should not be to hit targets at the start that cannot be maintained throughout the season.


I am launching a new program during the month of November (renamed “Knowvember” for the occasion) that will address specific questions often asked by coaches, athletes and parents. This daily series, called “90-seconds of Knowledge”, will consist of short, informational videos addressing a variety of topics from training, working out, recovery and so on.

Find me on Facebook (@UniversalSportsStrength), Twitter (@UniversalS_C), Instagram (@UniversalSportsStrength) or email ( to share any question(s) you may have and topics you would like to learn about more.

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