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Thank you Karen!!!

Karen is my cousin and three years ago when it was time to start exploring and target colleges of interest for my oldest, we turned to Karen for advice. What was an informational chat evolved into a great relationship between my kids and Karen. Karen helped my oldest get admitted to his first-choice school, the University of Florida. This year, she helped my middle get admitted to his first choice school, New York University. Karen was instrumental in helping each of them focus on what was important to them in finding the best college fit. She personally guided them in crafting, drafting, and revising their personal essay, and their supplemental answers, and kept them on target and on track through emails, text messages, virtual meetings, and phone calls. When they had questions or needed review, she was always available to help. We will definitely be calling on Karen in a few years to help my youngest find her best college fit. Thank you, Karen!!! T.S. (Parent to Sam, NYU Class of 2026)


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