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The end result was optimal for my daughter.

""When my daughter told us she wanted to play rugby in college I was confident that I could help her map out and execute a strong plan to achieve that given my 35 years as a player, coach, and referee. As it turns out I was wrong on many levels. Soon after my daughter’s announcement, I was lucky to meet another parent on the sidelines whose daughter had received recruiting offers to play rugby at several top schools. He went on at great length about what a hugely positive experience their daughter had working with Karen. That parent was so adamant that we scheduled a meeting with Karen even if only to satisfy ourselves that a do-it-yourself effort would be just fine for us. We came away realizing that Karen would do a far better job advising our daughter how to align both her academic and rugby goals to achieve the best possible combined outcome.

After hiring Karen and watching the entire process play out over several years, I now know that my initial self-confidence was misplaced. The end result was optimal for my daughter, but even if things hadn’t turned out so perfectly, I would still give Karen the highest possible recommendation based on her expertise, the process she follows, and our family’s incredibly high-value experience throughout."

J, CO (Parent to K, Brown University Class of 2026)

*Due to NCAA restrictions we are unable to publish any names of students or programs that work with us until the student has graduated."


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