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We wholeheartedly recommend Karen

"I have had the privilege of knowing Karen for many years before my daughter was ready to begin her college search. My daughter was somewhat lost at the beginning in terms of goals and what she wanted in a school. Karen was able to guide her in a very comfortable manner which led to my daughter being less stressed and on track. As parents, we were able to step back and support our daughter without having to hound her on her applications where she was in the process.

As two college graduates, we both felt that we understood the process, but having Karen made the process much easier. Karen helped guide high school course selections, completion of applications and essays, and kept track of crucial deadlines. Our daughter was able to choose a school she loved and find a coach who she is very comfortable with. We would wholeheartedly recommend

Karen and The Rugger’s Edge to all families with college-bound

rugby players."

S, MD (Parent to C, University of New.England Class of 2026)

*Due to NCAA restrictions we are unable to publish any names of students or programs that work with us until the student has graduated."


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