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Your advice was invaluable!

“I wanted to thank you for the advice you gave to our son Matthew de Frates. He met with you his Sophomore summer or fall semester (that was over 3 years ago!). Matthew took to heart all of the advice you gave him, took notes during your meeting and implemented everything. Your advice to buckle down and focus on his grades was invaluable. He ended his high school career with a 4.0 GPA overall, but it took much effort to get there. Also, he studied for his first ACT and took it in the fall of his Jr year – and that was his best score!. He became very busy with his rugby and leadership and no longer had the time to focus on the test. It was such a relief for him to have that solid test score done early.

In the end he was accepted into the USMA which was his number one choice. He is there now as a plebe or for his freshman year. Keep up the good work!” – Tobi de Frates, Mother of Matthew de Frates (Army West Point, Class of 2024)


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