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5 Minutes to Your Dream College

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One of the biggest obstacles that students encounter on their path to their dream college is not reaching the score they need on the ACT or SAT. I commonly see students try to cram in test prep a couple of weeks before a test or even take a “Test Prep Bootcamp” over a weekend. Have you ever tried to prep for a big game by simply running some drills just a couple of weeks beforehand? No way, right? That would be crazy!  Well, the same is true for test prep. Doing a little each day can pay you BIG dividends.

Your challenge (should you choose to accept it!) is to make test prep a 5-minute habit each day. Like brushing your teeth, doing 5 minutes of test prep every day can lead to exponential growth in your final test score. Various testing companies offer FREE Question of the Day opportunities. Here are a couple to try out this summer:

For more ways to add prep into your life, search for easy, downloadable Test Prep apps in your phone’s marketplace. Now, you can test prep anywhere, anytime!

Summer Tip: Now is a good time to look ahead at the upcoming test dates and start to plan out your testing calendar.

Did you know? The higher your test scores are, the more money you may be awarded! Contact our preferred provider, Arbor Bridge – email to get set up with a free consultation and diagnostic test today!




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