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Kick Off Your College Application

I know the college application and essay process can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! While I want you to enjoy your summer with your friends (and, of course, lots of rugby!!), summer is the best time for seniors to start working on their college applications. The fall tends to be exceptionally busy, especially if you have a full load of rigorous courses, so always best to get the bulk of your applications/essays completed over the summer if you can. You'll thank me later!

Here are a few of my favorite resources (videos and articles) that you absolutely MUST look at before you start your applications. Enjoy!

College Essay Advice

The best place to go for help on how to brainstorm, think about, format, and write your college essay(s) is The College Essay Guy. He has a ton of awesome resources on his website as well as a large library of helpful videos. Here are a few of my favorites: 

College Application Advice:

  1. How to Use the Common Application (Note – this is an older video, but the general layout of the CA is still the same)

  2. How to Fill Out the Activities Section

  3. Our webinar on the Common Application

Happy Applying! Rising Seniors – Our senior class is almost full! Since we limit the number of seniors we work with for applications in order to provide the utmost care for each of them during this critical time, if you are hoping to work with us, make sure to reach out ASAP.

“I came to ArborBridge based on the recommendation of a friend who’d used them. When I started my studying I had almost no knowledge about the American exam system and went through a very steep learning curve with Dan. The tutoring was always driven by specific improvement which was incredibly helpful and allowed me to improve very quickly, eventually ending up with a score far better than anything I would have expected when I started.” – Nick W. UK, ACT (Final Score: 36, +4 pts)

Working with a dedicated test prep professional can help you reach your test goals and get accepted to your dream college! Contact our preferred provider, Arbor Bridge – email to get set up with a free consultation and diagnostic test today!



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