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Optimal Testing Timeline

Two polls suggest public opinion on opting out of testing isn't actually clear.

Many of you may have received your PSAT and/or Practice ACT Scores back and are considering the upcoming spring and summer. Over the holiday break, it is helpful to start planning out and following an optimal test prep timeline.

Many factors should go into your timeline planning, such as your current schedule (e.g., are you a track athlete as well, which means your spring is hectic?), your baseline score, and the score you hope to attain. Are you planning to be an athletic recruit? Take a look at available test dates and compare to your current commitments - are there spring tours or tournaments? Prom? Make sure these things don't overlap! SAT Test Dates

ACT Test Dates Once you establish some of your priorities, you’ll find recommended test prep timelines for students below. Note: These timelines were created with juniors (class of 2025) in mind.

For a more detailed breakdown of testing timelines, check out this blog by Arborbridge.

Juniors (Class of 2024), you only have a couple of chances left this fall to increase your score! Contact our preferred provider, ArborBridge – email Morris Kohanfars at to get set up with a free consultation and diagnostic test today!



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