Academic Tip of the Month – Rugger’s Edge Social Distancing To-Do List

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With school closures and rugby seasons postponed indefinitely, everyone has a lot more time on their hands. But, what do with that time? Here are some suggested activities for students to engage in to not only keep their brains going but also continue to build your academic profile looking forward towards college recruiting.

Many thanks to Silicon Valley Rugby Club and Eagle Impact Rugby Academy for the start of this list!

Be Smart:

  1. Practice math daily with Khan Academy

  2. Practice vocab and donate rice to those in need with

  3. Read a book (a fun one!) Use your local library has free apps like Libby or Axis360 

  4. Practice a 2nd language on Duolingo app (it’s free!).

  5. Research Colleges – This article has a lot of great resources on how to do Virtual Tours. 

  6. For extra credit – use page #42 in the Rugger’s Edge Playbook to take notes on colleges you virtually visit. 

  7. Research Careers/College Majors – look at your high school’s Naviance account for multiple assessments, or use ONet’s career assessment tool:

  8. Browse Careers with CareerOneStop’s Video Library.

  9. Check out Ted-Ed Video Playlist

Be Active:

  1. If you play an instrument–play!

  2. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air

  3. Go to the park/field and get some cardio in (see our April 2020 Rugby Tip of the Month)

  4. Get a rugby ball in your hand

  5. practice passing with your weak hand

  6. practice your lineout throws

  7. practice your kicking game (how about a kick and chase!)

Be Safe:

  1. Practice social distancing…please. 

  2. Wash your hands!

We’ll see you all very soon!


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