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College Program Highlight – Marywood University

Why Marywood? In addition to the opportunity of playing varsity rugby, Marywood has the complete educational experience students seek–excellent academic scholarship opportunities, outstanding programs for professional preparation, and a welcoming environment where students develop fully as individuals. At Marywood University, students define their success and discover their passion, as they become leaders in the arts, education, business, science, and health.

Marywood’s commitment to its students goes beyond helping them earn a degree. From curriculum planning to professional accreditation to career services, Marywood University is focused on providing all students with the tools needed for long-term success. This excellent academic and professional preparation is supported by the ethics and values of Marywood’s founders, the Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Marywood is proud of its mission to welcome and serve students from all traditions, beliefs, and backgrounds and help them find and understand their place and their ability to make a difference in their lives, communities and in the world.

Marywood University


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