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Rugby Tip of the Month – At Home Strength Exercises, Part 3

We are pleased to continue to share educational tips from our friend Justin Goonan with University Sports & Strength each month. Looking to build a stronger CORE this summer? The Turkish Get-Up and Deadbug exercises can be extremely useful in improve how your body creates tension to help move more efficiently. When done correctly, one can reduce ‘energy leaks’ (inefficient movement) allowing athletes to be stronger and more stable during other movements like counter rucking or fighting off a would-be tackler.

Not sure how to include these exercises into your routine? Curious how to modify or maximize them to fit your ability?  Send Coach Goonanan email at with “PUSH-UPS” in the subject line, or connect with him on Instagram (@universalsportstrength and Facebook @UniversalSportsStrength). 

Looking for more connection or accountability? Coach Goonan is hosting a virtual team huddle this week to connect with more athletes. It’s a chance to ask questions about your current routine, learn ways to progress your current workouts, and connect with other athletes. Send an email with “Virtual Team Huddle” in the subject line to receive log-in details.

Justin Goonan, MSc, CSCS

Strength & Conditioning, Sports Performance Consultant USA Rugby – Director of S&C, High School All-Americans USA Touch – Head of Athlete Performance NSCA – Chairman, Rugby Special Interest Group


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