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Become a better player on the pitch!

When the whistle blows - do you know what to do? Is it s Penalty Kick, a Free kick, or a Scrum option? If you don't know how to proceed, keep reading! One of the best ways to be a more effective player on the pitch is by learning the laws of the game!

Step one – check out the World Rugby Laws online.

  1. Take the Laws exam – How did you do?

  2. Sign up for a Level 1 Referee course in your area and learn how to referee.

The popularity of youth and high school rugby is exploding, which means the need for referees is now more than ever. It’s a great extra-curricular activity as well as a wonderful opportunity to make some money. While you're at it, you'll learn more about the laws and your options - making you a more impactful player! Did I mention it's a lot of fun?



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