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Rugby Tip: Fitness


If there's one thing every coach wants on their team is a FIT player. This is great news for student-athletes because this is something you can work on all the time, on your own or with your team. Often, players tell me, "sure, I work out," when asked and then go on to explain they maybe run a mile or two around their home, go to the gym, and lift some weights, but there is no true "plan" or goal to this fitness endeavor. If you don't have a plan, I would strongly encourage you to speak with your coach and get a plan in place.

Another thing to add is a way to measure your improvement. Some standard fitness tests that are used on the national and international stage include the Beep Test (a 20-meter shuttle test) or a Yo-Yo test (a variation of the Beep Test), or a Bronco test. If you're just starting a new fitness plan, start with getting a benchmark score so that as you continue to increase your fitness, you have something for comparison. Here are links to instructions for these tests:

  1. Beep Test (International 7s players run Level 14+)

  2. Yo Yo Test (International 7s players run Level 18+)

  3. Bronco Test (International players run this in less than 5:00 min)

If you have these test scores handy, I suggest including them on your Rugby Resume to give coaches a sense of what level of fitness you have. The fitter you are, the better your chances are of being recruited and successful at the college level. Remember - this is not a "one and done" test! Plan to re-take these every couple of months to check your fitness level as well as update your rugby resume.


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