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Watch More (Rugby) TV!

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A few years ago, I chatted with Coach Paul Keeler, who has been the head coach for numerous rugby programs, including Santa Clara University. As a full-time coach, he shared with me that he watches many hours of rugby footage available on numerous cable outlets in a given week. He can gain a deeper understanding of the game nuances of the law and growing trends. He highly recommended all of his players watch as much rugby as possible! He felt this would help anyone become a better player, coach, or referee.

So, my “homework” for all the student-athletes out there is to try to watch at least one or two professional matches a month. Watch your particular position - see what the top players are doing and think about how it can apply to your game. Many can be found on stations like The Rugby Network, FloRugby, Peacock, or even by doing a quick search on YouTube. Simply watching more rugby will help improve your game!

Here are a few to start with:



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