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The Importance of Core Strength

By Former Rugby Advisor Kittery Ruiz (Current Brown University Coach)


Core strength not only protects the spines of all of us rugby players but also allows for complete control when we are in scrums, lineouts, as well as in any contact situation. The bottom line is that any rugby player can benefit from core strength. A strong core helps one to maintain stability, provides control of the body, and allows for power to be generated efficiently. Core stability assists in explosive movements, which are necessary for all aspects of rugby.

Having a strong core is what helped me continue playing rugby after a back injury in 2008 that left me with two bulging discs in my lower back. I was able to go on to complete in two Rugby World Cups as well. I had a routine of doing 10-20 minutes of extra core work every day. Core strengthening exercises range from sit-ups to planks and everything in between.

Here are some great ones to add to your trainings:


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