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No games = No Film. Now what?

One of the most common questions I am hearing is how to handle the fact that many players had their seasons canceled in the last few years. Since film has become a much more important piece of the recruiting puzzle, what should a prospect do? Here is some advice I have been giving to my students, and I hope it helps you.

Individual Skills Film – While it obviously misses many of the elements of a true game film, at this point, many coaches are simply looking for ANYTHING that can help show them more about you and your potential to contribute to their program. Skills that can be shown individually or in pairs/small groups include:

  1. Kicking (for posts, kick-offs, touch, etc.)

  2. Fitness (running a Yoyo or Bronco Test)

  3. Lifting/training (any sort of "live game" simulation, 4 v 4 )

  4. Agility (using cones, ladders)

  5. Passing (short passes, long passes, for accuracy)

The Rugby Trainer has had a lot of great examples of drills that players could also do to demonstrate their skills: 

Photo credit:

Demonstrate athletic skills in other sports – Are you a multi-sport athlete? Why not send in film of football, soccer, wrestling, volleyball, basketball, etc. Many skills crossover to rugby and will give coaches an idea of your performance. 

Check Opposition Teams for film/Tournament Film – If your team didn’t film this last season, that doesn’t mean your opposition didn’t. More times than not, taking a look online or even reaching out to opposing teams to see if they film any games is worth the time. Also, if you competed in any tournaments, take a look to see if any games were streamed/videoed on FloRugby or other platforms. 

Max Efforts – Do some self timed max tests such as 100m sprint, 40m sprint, max squat, max bench, Agility T-Test. 

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Last, but not least, in the absence of any film, don’t fret. The majority of players are all in the same boat. Many college coaches are willing to speak to your high school coaches and hear from them about your talents and abilities.  Good character still trumps athletic ability. Just knowing you are a good teammate and will be a positive addition may be enough! Good luck!


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