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Rugby Tip of the Month – “Speed Kills”

USA Eagle Perry Baker – Photo Credit:

You often hear “speed kills,” and if you caught any of the World Cup 7s in San Francisco, you know this is especially true (watch these videos featuring the best tries of the RWC7s: Women & Men ). In the high school game, I often see students doing a lot of strength training or building endurance on long runs. Rugby is a game of stops and starts, and therefore, not only is increasing your overall speed important, the key is to work on your explosiveness and power, and move quickly from point A to point B. Obviously there are a few moments when you might be asked to run 50, 60, 70+ meters for a try, but typically, most runs are short; within 5-10 meters through a gap before you offload to a teammate. With this in mind, check out some of my favorite videos to inspire you to do some exercises on your own to build up your speed.

  1. Best Plyometric Exercises for Speed:

  2. 2 Exercises to Increase Top Speed:

  3. How to Improve Acceleration:

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